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LA’s Terminal Annex has an Interesting History

Nov 09, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Built during 1939-1940, the U.S. Post Office – Los Angeles Terminal Annex – was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood, an American architect best known for his National Park lodges.
Seeking to keep the design similar to [...]

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Case Study Houses – The Complete CSH Program 1945 – 1966

Nov 08, 2010 by D. J. Schwartz

When it comes to architecture, the notions of “experimental” and “low-cost,” are not often found.
And, in 1945 building “green” was relegated to academia.
This was the purpose for the Case Study Houses and Taschen’s [...]

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Iannis Xenakis’ Persepolis LA is Coming this Saturday

Nov 01, 2010 by Lisa Newton

How do you feel when you hear about a topic but don’t know anything about it? More importantly what do you do about it?
Well, when I read the announcement for the upcoming Iannis Xenakis’ [...]

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Los Angeles Free Friday – Halloween Edition

Oct 29, 2010 by Lisa Newton

It’s that time again when you might meet a gorilla at Starbucks, or see a Chilean miner walking the streets of Santa Monica, or even a cowboy in Echo Lake Park.
Halloween–that sainted time–is here again. [...]

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3 New Additions to the Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments List

Oct 22, 2010

The Office of Historical Resources has announced its newest additions to its Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments list.
We first chronicled this back in April 2010, when 11 additional buildings were added.
The City of Los Angeles Cultural [...]

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Los Angeles Free Friday

Oct 22, 2010

I know, I know, many of you are repeating the phrase “Rain, rain, go away” and from the looks of it, the rain might still be here until tomorrow.
But, even if it does come, [...]

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Mapping Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments

Oct 17, 2010

Unbeknown to most here who reside in Los Angeles– we now have over 900 official Historic-Cultural Monuments throughout our fair city.
Enacted in 1962, the City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Ordinance, now makes possible [...]

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Google Maps, Metro, and the Big Blue Bus

Oct 14, 2010

The news is out, the Big Blue Bus finally made it to Google maps. Although it’s great news, it’s also about time.
After reading this news, I thought I’d play with Google a little bit [...]

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How Walkable is Los Angeles?

Oct 04, 2010

Today I was inserting information into the software program named Walkscore.
If you’ve never seen it before, Walkscore rates a neighborhood’s “walkability.” I previously wrote about this previously, but I wanted to find out more [...]

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Which is Downtown Los Angeles’ Oldest Bar? You Decide

Sep 30, 2010

Los Angeles is old–to-a-point–and there’s no debate about that. But there does seem to be a bit of controversy as to which is the oldest bar in Los Angeles.
Doling out that honor carries with [...]

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Los Angeles Times hits a New Low by having an entire Advertisement for their Front Page

Sep 29, 2010

Imagine picking up one of our country’s leading newspaper’s, from one of the largest city’s in the world, and to your chagrin, after reading the front page’s salacious headlines and strange layout, you realize that [...]

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The Abbey San Encino is in Highland Park not Encino

Sep 28, 2010

Constructed from boulders found in the Arroyo, Abbey San Encino was the home of Clyde Browne, a printer who lived in Los Angeles for forty years until his death in 1942. Declared Los Angeles Historic-Cultural [...]

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Yesterday Los Angeles was Smokin’ Hot

Sep 28, 2010

Unless you live in a cave, which yesterday, might have been a good idea, you know it was pretty hot here.
In fact, Downtown Los Angeles hit a record high of 113 degrees. However, [...]

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Facebook and Los Angeles

Sep 27, 2010

Are you on Facebook?
Or rather why aren’t you on Facebook?
If you live in Los Angeles you might be interested to know about your fellow Los Angelos who are using Facebook.
According to the US [...]

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