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Happy New Year, Los Angeles & So Cal!

Dec 31, 2010 by Lisa Newton

2010 has been a great year for Travelin’ Local, and I know that 2011 will be even better.
And all of the thanks go to you–our wonderful readers. Furthermore, we hope that in 2011, all [...]

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Travelin’ Local’s Sing-a-Long Saturday – Sublime – an earthquake Straight out of Long Beach

Nov 06, 2010 by Tom Jones

Apparently out of nowhere, in 1996, the band Sublime came out with a massive and ferocious hit song “What I Got.”
Although the band was formed years earlier, their impact could not have been more thunderous [...]

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The 6th Annual Long Beach Green Port Fest is this Saturday

Sep 29, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Have you ever wanted to see towering gantry cranes, barking sea lions, and massive cargo ships?
Well, this Saturday you’ll be able to ride along on a double-decker passenger train to see the cargo terminal in [...]

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Runners High in Long Beach

Sep 08, 2010 by Lindsay Pullin

It had been 2 years since I last bought a pair of running shoes. True, my Nike’s were too small, and they were the color of dirt, but for some reason I just didn’t see [...]

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The Gaslamp: A Shining Light on the Dark Streets of PCH

Aug 10, 2010

When you drive to the The Gaslamp, heading down PCH in Long Beach, usually it feels dark and deserted. You might think to yourself, where are we going? How can there be any fun this [...]

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The Long Beach Civil War Reenactment this Weekend

Jul 29, 2010

My father is a big Civil War buff. He reads about it, watches movies about it, and goes to all the battlefields. Growing up in Ohio, we spent family vacations visiting humongous, large cannons, wide [...]

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The 2010 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival

Jul 28, 2010

If you hear the words, “Dragon Boat” what vision comes to your mind–a boat shaped like a dragon, or a boat with a dragon head attached?
A dragon boat is a human-powered boat traditionally made of [...]

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The Surf’s not up at Long Beach, California… Yet!

Jun 21, 2010

As typical beach cities go, Long Beach can be compared to more of a wading pool, only incredibly dirtier. How much dirtier? Well, imagine taking a bath in water runoff from about a dozen major [...]

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Sundays with George at KC Branaghan’s

Jun 16, 2010

The first thing you’ll want to do when you get to K.C. Branaghan’s for Sunday breakfast, or lunch, is to find George, the man with the champagne. At least that’s what I did this past [...]

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Long Beach gears up for its Free Summer Concert Series

Jun 01, 2010

To keep you continuously up-to-date about all the different free concerts and movies in Los Angeles this summer,Travelin’ Local just added the Summer and Music (S.A.M.),  "Music for the People. Powered by the Sun," to its [...]

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4th Street/Retro Row in Long Beach turns back the Clock

Apr 06, 2010

You didn’t just walk into a time warp or step off the DeLorean into a “Back to the Future” movie lot.
The bygone years of yesterday can be found right here in Long Beach on a [...]

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Yoga and Yoga World brings Peace into your Daily Life

Feb 28, 2010

When it comes to choosing a Yoga studio, the amount of options available to choose from may be overwhelming.  A studio should be chosen according to the type of yoga taught , but more so, [...]

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Long Beach on the path to becoming a top “Bike-Friendly” City

Feb 10, 2010

Riding your bike through a busy metropolitan city isn’t always a pleasant experience.
Whether you’re a novice or an expert cyclist, you’re sure to get a few jeers or honks from motorists on the road—or [...]

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How the LA Metro is part of the “Green” Mass Transportation Movement

Jan 26, 2010

It’s no mystery that Los Angeles has some of the worst air quality in the nation. Doubly worse is the heavy traffic that clogs up the freeways on a daily basis. And if you decide [...]

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