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Creating a Michael Jackson Mural

Dec 09, 2009 by Lisa Newton

The idea and reality of having our urban and public landscape as a place to display, create, and to appreciate art is ingrained in the heart of LA. Aptly labeled—Public Art—allows people the ability to [...]

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The History of a Theater, and the of creation of a Cinemiracle

Dec 05, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Located in East Hollywood and built in 1924 by brick manufactures, Henry C. Jensen & Sons, the Jansen Melrose Theater was supposed to be “a better class” neighborhood movie theater.
The Melrose Theater had a 2 [...]

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The Spirit of Los Angeles

Nov 07, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Close to the entrance of the Grove Shopping Center, on its Main Street, is a magnificent statue by nationally renowned sculptor, De L’Esprie, entitled, “The Spirit of Los Angeles.”
This magnificent bronze statue is a [...]

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A Different View of the Hollywood Sign

Oct 15, 2009 by Lisa Newton

While researching my Mapping Swimming Pools in LA article, I discovered a new trail I wanted to hike–Bronson Canyon. The trail’s mount begins in Griffith Park, and twists and turns all the way up to [...]

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LA’s Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House on the market for $15 Million

Sep 26, 2009

As I drove up the winding road leading to the Ennis House, I was overwhelmed by its sheer size and magnitude.  It’s striking.
And it’s for sale.  Now is your chance to own a part of [...]

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An Exercise Walk at Barnsdall Art Park

Sep 02, 2009

If you’re not familiar with my virtual walking maps and the walk area covered, they’re located here on the Walk My World side button. They reflect the actual 2-3 mile walk that I’ve taken complete [...]

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Fun Street Art at Hollywood and Edgemont

Aug 26, 2009

Every day in Los Angeles I’m amazed at the number, type, and uniqueness of our city’s small details that frequently we take for granted. For example, today– at the corner of Hollywood and Edgemont—I saw [...]

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House

Aug 24, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House is located in Hollywood, at the top of Olive Hill in Barnsdall Art Park.
The Hollyhock House was Frank Lloyd Wright’s first Los Angeles Architectural project. It was commissioned by [...]

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Best Places to See the Hollywood Sign

Aug 10, 2009

Although at times you can see the Hollywood Sign from many places though out Los Angeles, getting close to it is easier said than done, and can be a daunting task. So Travelin’ Local thought [...]

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12 Beautiful Doors of Hollywoodland

Aug 09, 2009

Doors open opportunities and are a symbol and metaphor, literally and physically, for new opportunities and hope. The existence of Hope affords man his basic human tendencies for his inalienable rights, and affords him his [...]

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The Hollywood Reservoir – LA’s Water Resource

Aug 07, 2009

After doing a bit of research, I found out that after a four year closure, the Hollywood Reservoir’s walking trail has reopened. Like many, anything with the word Hollywood preceding the sentence piques my interest. [...]

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Walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Jun 30, 2009

Starting at the corner of Hollywood and La Brea, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Los Angeles area. Being an atypical LA resident, I decided it was [...]

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A Quick Tour of the Hollywood & Highland Center

Jun 27, 2009

Do you like to shop?
That’s a rhetorical question to Angelenos, and others, of course. Yesterday, I went, I came, and I conquered in my search of the total Hollywood Walk of Fame experience, and I [...]

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Hollywood and Vine: Where Old Meets New

Jun 25, 2009

Hollywood and Vine is one of Los Angeles’ most famous intersections.
Who would have thought that one intersection could be packed with so many attractions–both new and old. Beginning in the 1920s, Hollywood began to see [...]

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