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Enchantment is just a step away, on the Goldenrod Footbridge

Feb 22, 2011 by Sandy Schroeder

Corona del Mar is part of the city of Newport, but when you drive down Pacific Coast Highway and turn onto a cluster of streets named after flowers; you may feel as if you have [...]

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A Weekend Morning in Venice Beach

Nov 21, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Our much needed rain is upon us this weekend, but last weekend, I spent a quiet weekend morning on a very small section of Venice Beach.
Unlike today, it wasn’t raining, and it was still fairly [...]

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California State Park Initiative: Prop 21

Oct 11, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Travelin’ Local typically avoids political topics, but the California State Park Initiative, aka Prop 21, needs attention because it affects our leisure activities and lifestyles.
It’s a new initiative–called the State Parks and Wildlife Conservation [...]

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The Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour – Part 1

Oct 06, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Venice is a city full of wonder–physically by structure, naturally because its proximity to the splendorous beaches of the Pacific Ocean, its fresh air and sunny skies, and its cultural mix of its people.
From the [...]

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The Crab Cooker – Tastiest Legend in the OC

Sep 25, 2010

Since 1951 Orange County residents have been lining up at The Crab Cooker to enjoy fish dinners in the bright red building on Balboa Peninsula in Newport.
Serving the world’s finest fish and the best [...]

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Leisure Enjoyment on Main Street in Seal Beach

Sep 16, 2010

I always enjoy going to a good bar and having a beer, be it cheap or chic.  But I don’t know much about wine bars other than 1) I like to drink wine 2) I [...]

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Weekend Camping on Catalina Island

Aug 10, 2010

After wanting to visit Catalina Island for many years, that’s now a thing of the past. My three-day Catalina camping trip began on a Friday at the Port of Los Angeles, in San Pedro. We [...]

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The Gaslamp: A Shining Light on the Dark Streets of PCH

Aug 10, 2010

When you drive to the The Gaslamp, heading down PCH in Long Beach, usually it feels dark and deserted. You might think to yourself, where are we going? How can there be any fun this [...]

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Dream Library…in Huntington Beach

Aug 05, 2010

As you enter the Central Library in Huntington Beach, your eye and body are drawn to to an open three story circle of fountains and live plants.
Up and down the open staircase, people, plants [...]

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The Best way to Get to Will Rogers State Beach

Jul 18, 2010

Will Rogers State Beach, extending 1¾ miles along the Pacific Coast, is a popular swimming, sunning, and surfing location.
The beach is named after actor Will Rogers, who in the 1920s, bought the land and [...]

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Dockweiler RV Park

Jun 28, 2010

If you own or rent an RV to travel, they’re basically a homes on wheels which we commonly call Recreational Vehicles.
For the uninformed, they range in size and shape, can host up to who [...]

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Dockweiler State Beach

Jun 27, 2010

One of the many attractions of Southern California is of course, its beaches. And with summer just getting started, going to the beach is a a daily occurrence for many. It’s amazing to me that [...]

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More Free Happenings on the LA Westside

Jun 26, 2010

Since summer is officially upon us it means, among other things, that I keep finding more free movies and concerts to add to Travelin’ Local’s Free Concerts and Movie Calendar at the bottom of our [...]

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Los Angeles’ Ghost Town

Jun 22, 2010

Located just west of LAX is place not too many Angelenos know about.
Some might have hear about it, a few of the bikers who ride Vista del Mar between Marina del Rey and El [...]

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