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A Toddler’s Dream – Douglas Park in Santa Monica

Apr 27, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Most people, who’re driving west along Wilshire Boulevard toward Santa Monica, pass Douglas Park. From the street side looking north, it seems and looks like a place where there’s only lawn bowling .
Admittedly, watching this [...]

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The Palisades Park Rose Garden in Santa Monica

Apr 16, 2010 by Lisa Newton

After spending a few hours working in my office, I always try to get outside for some fresh air, and find something interesting to write about for Travelin’ Local. Yesterday I needed by beach fix! [...]

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Colorful Wildflowers are blooming in Antelope Valley

Apr 15, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Recently I was on facebook looking at my homepage, when I saw some of the most fantastic shots of the California Wildflowers I had ever seen. From that point my mission was clear–I just had [...]

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Top 10 Public Gardens in Los Angeles

Apr 12, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Although, the East Coast has more dramatic differences in their change of seasons, as winter turns into spring, and spring moves into summer; there are differences in Los Angeles too, although more subtle, but they’re [...]

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Radio Hill Gardens

Apr 04, 2010

When I’m visiting different parts of Los Angeles, I make a concerted effort to visit several different locations in a single day.
Based on both my personal and professional background I’ve always been of the belief [...]

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Boyle Heights and Hollenbeck Park

Mar 25, 2010

Amazingly, the journey that leads to Hollenbeck Park, which is located in Boyle Heights, originally started in Ohio and Illinois, moved to Nicaragua, and then finally arrived in Los Angeles, circa 1876.

As William Mulholland was [...]

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Los Angeles State Historical Park

Jan 27, 2010

Situated in the middle of an old, industrial section of Los Angeles, is the Los Angeles State Historical Park. Located close to the Chinatown Metro, it’s an open space paradise, especially for walkers and joggers. [...]

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The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Jan 09, 2010

At the suggestion of Will over at [sic], today I finally ventured to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, and I wasn’t disappointed.
From where I was standing, the snow-topped mountains are more than 40 miles away. [...]

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25 things to do and places to go in LA for Children (and Adults too)

Dec 27, 2009

Okay, school’s out and the excitement of the Holiday Season is upon us; but school’s out for another week. Choices abound, in fact, there’s probably too many now-a-days, but you have to start somewhere.
Although LA [...]

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Griffith Park on Black Friday

Nov 28, 2009

In the spirit of “Buy Nothing Day,” I went hiking on Black Friday. I did wake up early–not for the Early Bird Specials– my plan was to go to Griffith Park for a hike to [...]

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Del Rey Lagoon Park in Playa del Rey

Oct 14, 2009

In Playa del Rey–a sleepy little town just south of Marina del Rey–there’s a little known park called Del Rey Lagoon Park.
The two times I’ve previously visited this park, I had no trouble finding parking, [...]

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Crestwood Hills Park

Oct 09, 2009

If you’re looking for a place to kick back with the kids, play some sports, or enjoy the outdoors, check out Crestwood Hills Park. I did, this past beautiful Saturday morning.
Although it’s a little off [...]

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What is a Dog Park and where are they in Los Angeles?

Sep 16, 2009

Living in the city with a dog, isn’t easy. No matter if you live in a small apartment or large house, dogs need to run free every now and then.
Although there are plenty of [...]

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The Botanical Building at Balboa Park in San Diego

Sep 11, 2009

I recently wrote a story about Balboa Park, and talked about the magnificence of the Botanical Building at Balboa Park in San Diego.
I’ve always loved flowers, gardens, and the natural habitat of plants, so for [...]

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