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Stix – The Rapper from Watts

Apr 15, 2011 by Miles Villalon

Turntables sit in a row on empty barrels; the building is stripped down with gritty brick walls–creating the new and hip urban environment consisting of Graffiti in many parts of our nation.
On one of its [...]

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CicLAvia (No cars Allowed) will be held on April 10th

Feb 18, 2011 by Lisa Newton

This past October, the first fun and communal CicLAvia event took place.
In case you don’t know what CicLAvia is, it’s a day when certain streets are all closed for motor vehicles—no cars allowed!
Along the [...]

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Hopefully, after all the Rain in Los Angeles, the forecast is…

Dec 22, 2010 by Lisa Newton

I realize a lot has been written about the current rain storms hitting the Los Angeles area, but seeing is believing it.
This morning, I did a quick search of Youtube to see what has had [...]

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Sing-a-Long Saturday – Good Charlotte’s The River

Dec 11, 2010 by Lisa Newton

In case you didn’t realize, the LA River is enjoying a kind of rebirth. About 6 months ago, it was declared “navigable.”
Since then, increased interest in maintaining or using the the River, keeping it [...]

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A Weekend Morning in Venice Beach

Nov 21, 2010

Our much needed rain is upon us this weekend, but last weekend, I spent a quiet weekend morning on a very small section of Venice Beach.
Unlike today, it wasn’t raining, and it was still fairly [...]

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Los Angeles Free Friday

Nov 05, 2010

The election is over, Halloween has been tricked and treated, and from the looks of it, this weekend is a chance to kick back and spend some quality time at home, or at the movie [...]

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Boyle Heights Farmers Market is every Friday

Oct 06, 2010

Since its inception on Friday, July 9, 2010, The Boyle Heights Farmers Market has become a gathering place to buy some veggies or even some kettle corn; but most of all, the Boyle Heights Farmers [...]

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Exploring Tide Pools at Point Fermin State Marine Park

Oct 05, 2010

My family loves to enjoy time together exploring nature outdoors. With two young kids ages 6 and 2 ½, we’re always on the lookout for new places to explore. You might be surprised how many [...]

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Which is Downtown Los Angeles’ Oldest Bar? You Decide

Sep 30, 2010

Los Angeles is old–to-a-point–and there’s no debate about that. But there does seem to be a bit of controversy as to which is the oldest bar in Los Angeles.
Doling out that honor carries with [...]

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Yesterday Los Angeles was Smokin’ Hot

Sep 28, 2010

Unless you live in a cave, which yesterday, might have been a good idea, you know it was pretty hot here.
In fact, Downtown Los Angeles hit a record high of 113 degrees. However, [...]

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Facebook and Los Angeles

Sep 27, 2010

Are you on Facebook?
Or rather why aren’t you on Facebook?
If you live in Los Angeles you might be interested to know about your fellow Los Angelos who are using Facebook.
According to the US [...]

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One Small Treasure on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles

Sep 17, 2010

Have you ever passed by a building and wondered about its history? Who lived there? When was it built? Who was the architect?
These are the questions I asked myself as I passed by 11725 Sunset [...]

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Los Angeles Free Friday

Sep 17, 2010

Fall is almost here and as the weather is starting to cool down, so now’s the perfect time to spend some time in our beautiful parks that we’re blessed with. Although, we may not have [...]

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Exquisite Taste and Hospitality: Touring Norbert Wabnig’s Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

Aug 30, 2010

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is located in the heart of the legendary, fast-paced city of, you guessed it, Beverly Hills. The store itself is intimate and calm. The walls, shelves, and counter-tops are [...]

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