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Fairview Park and Nature Preserve is all about people

Mar 02, 2011 by Sandy Schroeder

We all know which rules to abide by when we go to a wildlife preserve. Usually, that means that picnics, bikes and pets are usually not part of the experience. So we typically share the [...]

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CicLAvia (No cars Allowed) will be held on April 10th

Feb 18, 2011 by Lisa Newton

This past October, the first fun and communal CicLAvia event took place.
In case you don’t know what CicLAvia is, it’s a day when certain streets are all closed for motor vehicles—no cars allowed!
Along the [...]

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From a Cold War Radar Site to a Hiking/Biking Treasure, San Vicente Mountain Park is full of Surprises

Dec 06, 2010 by Lisa Newton

To work off the extra calories I gained over the Thanksgiving Day weekend, last Sunday I decided to work up a sweat at one of Los Angeles’ hidden treasures– San Vicente Mountain Park.
Located just off [...]

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Get your walking shoes as Newport’s Back Bay is Waiting

Dec 01, 2010 by Sandy Schroeder

A stream of walkers, joggers and bikers all flowed along the Bay’s trail, as snowy egrets stand regally in the midst of the Newport Back Bay wetlands, one of the largest and most pristine in [...]

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California State Park Initiative: Prop 21

Oct 11, 2010

Travelin’ Local typically avoids political topics, but the California State Park Initiative, aka Prop 21, needs attention because it affects our leisure activities and lifestyles.
It’s a new initiative–called the State Parks and Wildlife Conservation [...]

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Los Angeles Free Friday

Sep 17, 2010

Fall is almost here and as the weather is starting to cool down, so now’s the perfect time to spend some time in our beautiful parks that we’re blessed with. Although, we may not have [...]

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An Afternoon Bike Ride in Marina del Rey

Jul 06, 2010

I love to mix it up and do several recreational activities all in one afternoon. Call it a bit weird, but I’m of the school of “Work Hard-Play Hard,” so when I have the chance, [...]

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Los Angeles and Cities for Cycling

Jun 16, 2010

In 1995, the then Commissioner of New York City’s Department of Transportation, Elliot Sander, with the support of then USDOT Deputy Secretary Mortimer Downey, reached out to their counterparts in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and [...]

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Why isn’t Los Angeles more Bike-Friendly than NYC?

Jun 08, 2010

Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve been both an observer and a participant of the local biking community here.
One topic that’s caught my attention is the city of Los Angeles’ “Bicycle Master Plan.” This [...]

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Beach Cruisers, Repair, and Bikerowave

Feb 14, 2010

In college, I had a beach cruiser that I would ride to class. Back then, my bike was parked outside and I literally didn’t lift a finger to maintain it.  It was heavy, and not [...]

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Mapping Los Angeles by Bike

Jan 17, 2010

When I first purchased my new bike last year, naturally I started looking for places to ride it. Instinctively I presumed that because Los Angeles is so large, there would be quite a few good [...]

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Bike to School Day at John Adams Middle School

Jun 15, 2009

Travelin’ Local’s Monday stories characteristically feature a Metro Monday ride or issue, but today’s topic turns to another transportation alternative, bikes.
More particularly, bicycle riding and school children. On Friday, I was privileged to be invited [...]

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Bike to Work Day – Pit Stops in Santa Monica

May 15, 2009

Yesterday was Bike to Work Day.
Unfortunately, most people don’t ride their bikes to work. For the most part, it’s done on an infrequent basis—if at all.
Travelin’ Local, as well as many advocates for bicycling, [...]

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Riding the Ballona Creek Bicycle Trail

May 05, 2009

The day after Earth Day, the sun was shining and the air was fresh, so I took the opportunity to ride the Ballona Creek bike trail. Last time I tried to ride the trail, the [...]

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