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Come to Surf City to Catch a few Waves and Soak up some history at the International Surfing Museum

Mar 28, 2011 by Sandy Schroeder

If the sound of the Beach Boys’ songs “Good Vibrations,” or “Surfin USA,” bring back a lot of good memories, it might be time to treat yourself to the surf world of Huntington Beach.
Just [...]

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The Manhattan Beach Pier is the Centerpiece of Manhattan Beach Living

Mar 16, 2011 by Lisa Newton

After hopping on a beach cruiser I borrowed during my stay at the Belamar Hotel, just a hop, skip, and a jump from the hotel and at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard, is the [...]

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Enchantment is just a step away, on the Goldenrod Footbridge

Feb 22, 2011 by Sandy Schroeder

Corona del Mar is part of the city of Newport, but when you drive down Pacific Coast Highway and turn onto a cluster of streets named after flowers; you may feel as if you have [...]

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Australian Tea Trees in Black & White

Jan 21, 2011 by Lisa Newton

If you’ve ever visited Palisades Park in Santa Monica, you’ve come across a few interesting trees.
Among the most unusual are the knotted and gnarled Australian Tea Trees. Twisted and knobby, these trees are only [...]

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Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour – Part 3

Dec 02, 2010

In Part 2 of the Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour, we were walking down Pacific Avenue getting ready to turn onto Windward Avenue.
So far, we’ve completed about ½ a mile of the total part [...]

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A Weekend Morning in Venice Beach

Nov 21, 2010

Our much needed rain is upon us this weekend, but last weekend, I spent a quiet weekend morning on a very small section of Venice Beach.
Unlike today, it wasn’t raining, and it was still fairly [...]

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Crystal Cove State Park, so Close, and Yet so Far from the City

Nov 11, 2010

It always amuses and amazes me when I visit a park in the midst of a city. One minute you’re literally buzzing through traffic; and the next, you’re walking along a silent path, with just [...]

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Los Angeles Free Friday

Nov 05, 2010

The election is over, Halloween has been tricked and treated, and from the looks of it, this weekend is a chance to kick back and spend some quality time at home, or at the movie [...]

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California State Park Initiative: Prop 21

Oct 11, 2010

Travelin’ Local typically avoids political topics, but the California State Park Initiative, aka Prop 21, needs attention because it affects our leisure activities and lifestyles.
It’s a new initiative–called the State Parks and Wildlife Conservation [...]

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Exploring Tide Pools at Point Fermin State Marine Park

Oct 05, 2010

My family loves to enjoy time together exploring nature outdoors. With two young kids ages 6 and 2 ½, we’re always on the lookout for new places to explore. You might be surprised how many [...]

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Mark you Calender! – California Coastal Clean-up Day is September 25th

Sep 18, 2010

Next Saturday, September 25th, coming to a beach near you is California Coastal Clean-up Day.
Holding the Guinness Book of World Records as "the largest garbage collection," the California Coastal Clean-up Day is a fun [...]

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Huntington’s Dog Beach and Orange County’s Dog Parks are useful when Travelin’ Local

Aug 11, 2010

If your dog goes everywhere you do, Orange County’s dog beach and dog parks provide venues for your dog to run free and play without a leash:
At the beach, it’s endless summer; in the parks, [...]

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Weekend Camping on Catalina Island

Aug 10, 2010

After wanting to visit Catalina Island for many years, that’s now a thing of the past. My three-day Catalina camping trip began on a Friday at the Port of Los Angeles, in San Pedro. We [...]

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Sunset Beach – a Great Getaway in Southern California

Jul 28, 2010

Calling up golden memories of summers’ past, filled with savory foods and lighthearted moments
For an old fashioned seascape, we all need a getaway once in awhile to make sure we still get it-or don’t lose [...]

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