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Second Story – The Belamar’s World Class Restaurant

Mar 08, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Recently we wrote about our wonderful stay at The Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach. However, we didn’t get to tell you about how good its food and Restaurant is at their dining facility called [...]

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NORMS & Googie Architecture

Mar 03, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Replete with its distinctive logo, Googie architecture, quality and quantity of food and value pricing, NORMS–with 17 locations throughout Southern California–for many, it’s a benevolent and well known restaurant.
Further branding its classic image, NORMS [...]

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What Lights Up Your Life?

Jan 28, 2011 by Kristi Rimkus

It wasn’t too long ago that I would have answered that question with an emphatic – my children and my husband!
Don’t be concerned, nothing has happened to the people I love. In fact, just [...]

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Let’s Celebrate National Pie Day Today in Los Angeles

Jan 23, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Just in case you weren’t aware of it yet, today, January 23, 2011 is National Pie Day, not to be confused with the other National Pi Day, which is actually in March, and has to [...]

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Top 25 Inexpensive Vegetarian-friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

Jan 04, 2011

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, have you thought about visiting a local vegetarian restaurant?
Traditionally, a vegetarian diet is lower in fat and calories than a meat based diet. More [...]

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Sustainability LA Style – Raising Chickens

Dec 17, 2010

The overarching concept of being “Sustainable” is being able to be self-sufficient with all the resources one uses living wherever they live. For example, recycling your own water, growing your own food, generating your own [...]

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It’s Time for the Santa Monica Pub Crawl

Dec 15, 2010

With the Holidays inching closer, it’s that time again.
Time for the Santa Monica Pub Crawl
Starting on Saturday, December 18th at 5:00pm, the 2nd Annual Santa Monica Pub Crawl, is an annual adventure exploring Santa Monica’s [...]

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27 Greenest Restaurants in Los Angeles

Dec 07, 2010

Keeping the environment clean is on everyone’s mind these days. Recycling has become second nature, reusing has always been a good idea, and of course, doing things that are good for the environment should be [...]

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If You Love Them Give Them Soup

Dec 06, 2010

My childhood memories aren’t of cookies baking in the oven, or macaroni and cheese bubbling away on the stove. I remember soups and stews wafting incredible aromas towards me when I walked in the door [...]

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Eat my Blog’s Charity Event is on Saturday

Nov 30, 2010

What could be better, eating a wonderful dessert or giving money to charity–or perhaps both.
Well, on Saturday December 4th, from 10:00am to 4:00pm, Tender Greens in West Hollywood, located at 8759 Santa Monica Boulevard, [...]

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Stick with Tradition, Or Lighten Up?

Nov 18, 2010

Sticky question, isn’t it? Do I go with the dish that I know is a crowd pleaser, or do I lighten up that crowd pleasing recipe and take my chances success or failure. I [...]

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Are you ready for the La Tamale Throwdown?

Nov 10, 2010

The Eastside Bike Club asks…….are you ready for a Throwdown?
If you’re looking for Tamales, then don’t miss the “LA TAMALE THROWDOWN.”
All of the action takes place on Friday, November 12th, at 2:00pm, at Our Lady [...]

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Fit for a Grownup

Nov 09, 2010

Among the benefits of being all grownup, is that you can eat whatever you like.
No one can command that you eat your vegetables, or drink your milk to the very last drop. There is no [...]

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Kimera’s New Menu Brings Fresh Taste to Irvine

Oct 30, 2010

Tucked within Corporate Irvine’s towering office buildings, Kimera proudly sits, providing patrons a night-time oasis of style, subtle sophistication, and delicious gourmet snacks.
Kimera belongs to the Dining as Art Collection® restaurant series, owned and run [...]

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