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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee a film of quiet Desperation

Apr 26, 2010 by Tom Jones

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, is an American film drama written and directed by Rebecca Miller. The screenplay is based on her novel of the same title.
Its plot revolves around the main female [...]

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Now you can Trade and Speculate in Hollywood Box Office Returns

Apr 21, 2010 by Tom Jones

Do you want to sell 2 Sherlock Holmes, but purchase 1,000 Avatar’s, or bet the ranch on how much all of the box office receipts will be from movies coming out in a certain month?
Well, [...]

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Steven Soderberg’s The Girlfriend Experience

Apr 20, 2010 by Tom Jones

Real life Porn star, Sasha Grey, portrays a high-end “Escort,” as the main character in the movie, The Girlfriend Experience. In the case of this film, the girlfriend-for-hire in question is Christine, who goes by [...]

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The Cinematic downer “Greenberg” just might make you Smile

Apr 08, 2010

Sitting at a restaurant perusing their menus, forty year old pals Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller), and Ivan Schrank (Rhys Ifans), reconnect after years apart. Inevitably, they end up discussing the strange sadness that both of [...]

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The Pathos and Humor of Up in the Air

Mar 30, 2010

The movie, Up in the Air, has a consistent message in its ironic, playful, and as an arbiter and ultimate take on our collective plight as a nation in its plot. It’s that our destiny [...]

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The Hurt Locker a Gritty Film about Urban Warfare in Iraq

Mar 23, 2010

The Hurt Locker, garnering a win for Best Picture for 2010, is a contemporary war movie, that’s accurately portrays the reality of today’s type of warfare.
Its gravitas is because the movie’s mail elements of [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre- Rialto Edition

Mar 21, 2010

While covering the Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre series, its depressing seeing these historic buildings go to waste. More accurately, they’re literally wasting away.

Because Los Angeles’ history with film and Theatre is intertwined with who [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre the Orpheum Edition

Mar 14, 2010

The Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre with its fanciful Beaux Arts façade, first opened on February 15, 1926 at a cost of $2 million dollars. Over the years, the Orpheum Theatre has played host to an [...]

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It Might Get Loud a brilliant Rock and Roll Documentary

Mar 10, 2010

With three famous and larger than life Rock & Roll guitarists, Jack White of the White Stripes and the Raconteurs, Jimmy Page of the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin, and The Edge of U2, together in [...]

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Who will take Home an Oscar Sunday Night?

Mar 06, 2010

By now, you all know the drill!
We eagerly put the television on to watch the Oscar’s live, and hope to watch an exciting and eventful Oscar’s event. Of course, seeing what the celebrities are wearing [...]

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The Wolfman: Howls of Laughter?

Feb 23, 2010

In 1941 they called the film of man turned animal, The Wolf Man. Shot in black and white, the film is still considered a classic of the horror genre today. The original Wolfman starred Lon [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre – The State Theatre Edition

Feb 20, 2010

Built in 1921, The State Theatre was formally part of the Loews Theatre group. Founded by Marcus Loew in 1904, the chain was the largest movie theatre group until 2006. To provide films for his [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre – The Tower Theatre Edition

Feb 13, 2010

Opening on October 12, 1927, the Tower Theatre was the first downtown theatre to be wired for sound.

Using a French inspired theme in the interior, architect S. Charles Lee combined Spanish, Moorish, and Romanesque [...]

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