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The Mile Square Park – A Surprise Package in Fountain Valley

Apr 05, 2011 by Sandy Schroeder

At first glance, the Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, looks just like a typical neighborhood park.
However, that perception changes into reality as you explore the park, and discover its long list of unique [...]

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Come to Surf City to Catch a few Waves and Soak up some history at the International Surfing Museum

Mar 28, 2011 by Sandy Schroeder

If the sound of the Beach Boys’ songs “Good Vibrations,” or “Surfin USA,” bring back a lot of good memories, it might be time to treat yourself to the surf world of Huntington Beach.
Just [...]

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The Fascinating History of the First Jewish Cemetery in Los Angeles

Mar 22, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Practically out of sight in a little stretch of road, deep in the recesses of Dodger Stadium, is a mostly unknown and forgotten part of Los Angeles’ storied history; one that includes many untold and [...]

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“Students Run LA” & the LA Marathon

Mar 21, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Like many others, I was watching the soggy LA Marathon runners yesterday. Better yet, if you were a participant, I bet you saw a few marathoners from the Students Run LA (SRLA) group.
Until yesterday, [...]

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The Manhattan Beach Pier is the Centerpiece of Manhattan Beach Living

Mar 16, 2011

After hopping on a beach cruiser I borrowed during my stay at the Belamar Hotel, just a hop, skip, and a jump from the hotel and at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard, is the [...]

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The Environmental Nature Center makes Learning a Breeze

Mar 15, 2011

It starts the moment you pull into the parking lot and walk into the state of the art Environmental Nature Center Green Building, the first of its kind in Orange County. It’s an 8,500 square [...]

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Sing-a-Long Saturday – Incubus and a Road Trip

Mar 12, 2011

In last week’s Sing-a-Long Saturday, I brought back memories of music and my kids, featuring Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.
This week I’m also bringing back more fond memories, but featuring a California born and bred band–Incubus.
When [...]

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Leimert Park, Silverlake, and Echo Park are part of LA’s special Culture and Ethnicity

Mar 10, 2011

In Los Angeles we’re fortunate to have so much diversity both culturally and ethnically in all parts of our city. Some people call it sprawl, but within the nooks and crannies lurk neighborhoods that often [...]

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The Belamar Hotel – An Oasis in the Middle of Los Angeles

Mar 07, 2011

Frequently, I just want to get away from the stress, hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, and go somewhere where I can relax, indulge a bit, have some good meals, and refresh and rejuvenate my [...]

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Sing-a Long Saturday – Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Mar 05, 2011

Almost everyone has a genre of music that they love. In fact, many people have more than one.
Growing up, we’re influenced by what’s popular, what’s playing on the radio and most importantly what our [...]

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Have you Noticed the Price of Gas in LA Lately?

Mar 01, 2011

I have no doubt that Los Angelenos have noticed that gas prices have been steadily increasing to the point where it’s getting to be a very serious budgetary concern. And, unfortunately, it might not stop [...]

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The Ziegler Estate and Casa de Adobe

Feb 28, 2011

Okay, you’ve reached the pinnacle of the Glenmary Stairs.
After turning left let’s see what’s we’ll see next.
First you’ll pass by some “normal” apartment buildings. They were built on the high hill top, with street parking [...]

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Newest Public Mural on Figueroa Street in Highland Park

Feb 27, 2011

Located right across the street from Sycamore Grove Park in Highland Park is the Historic Glen-Mary Archway.
The original archway, built around 1903 as a waiting station–the Glen-Mary/Sycamore Grove stop for the red car for the [...]

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Walking Across the Arroyo Seco

Feb 24, 2011

Yesterday, Travelin’ Local’s story mentioned the walking bridge that connects Sycamore Grove Park with the Ernest E. Debs Regional Park.
Connected by an unassuming bridge, it’s also the gateway to the 282 acres of open [...]

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