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Burn Notice: A Unique Television Series full of Humor, Intrigue and Unrequited Love

Dec 23, 2010 by Tom Jones

Now entering its 5th and 6th seasons, Burn Notice is an indulgent and fun hour of entertainment. The premise of the show centers on “Burned” spy, Michael Westen, as played by Jeffrey Donovan.
The term “Burned” [...]

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2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards Announced

Dec 16, 2010 by Tom Jones

Tis that time of season, besides Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year that most of the Film Industry’s best known institutions nominate their choices for different 2010 Movie and Television awards.
Along with the other [...]

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AMC’s “The Walking Dead” – an Apocalyptic Series about Zombie Dead Walkers

Nov 28, 2010 by Tom Jones

Not much of a fan of the zombie movie and storytelling genre, I was a bit skeptical if and why this particular AMC new series might hold my attention.
Well, after watching several episodes, I’m a [...]

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New Fall TV Shows – 2010

Sep 22, 2010 by Tom Jones

Yes it’s that time once more, where we become utterly confused trying to juggle our busy schedules, our favorite current television shows, and know which show is still being shown on it its regular day—or [...]

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AMC’s Mad Men Returns for Another “Well-Dressed” Season

Jul 25, 2010

On paper – perhaps Matthew Weiner’s streamlined, vintage 1960’s television show, “Mad Men,” didn’t appear to have the sophisticated finish or character depth that it’s been able to show brilliantly and visually on-screen. Why, [...]

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True Blood – the Television series Phenomenon provides a “Dripping” good Time

Jun 29, 2010

Vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, maenads and telepaths may sound like characters from any list of horror, fantasy or mythological tales, but in HBO’s “True Blood,” they’re just the average town locals–welcome to the fictional town of [...]

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Boston Sucks or Beat LA! For the 12th Time in NBA History a Familiar Chant Comes to Town

Jun 15, 2010

The Celtics have seventeen; the Lakers have fifteen – championship banners that hang from each sports franchise’s hallowed rafters. The two teams make up for 32 of the 63 championships in NBA history. An unheard [...]

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Justified – TV’s Version of Extra Cool

May 12, 2010

Based on Elmore Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole”, Justified was created by Graham Yost and stars Timothy Olyphant as a man of unnecessary words, but a man of impeccable action–typically in the form [...]

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Lights, Camera, Action and The Unit

Mar 24, 2009

Sometimes in Los Angeles, we get to literally be “part of the action” and have a backstage pass for being at the right place at the right time, for just being there. Welcome to Travelin’ [...]

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An Afternoon with the Media at the Paley Center

Mar 15, 2009

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m not a “greenhorn” to Southern California nor am I a native, so I was very excited when a friend of mine suggested that we visit The Museum of Television [...]

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