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Sunday Afternoon at the Roxie Theatre

Jan 30, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Imagine if you were alive circa 1932. Chances are you would have spent Sunday Afternoons at either of these theaters, located south of 5th, on Broadway:
The Roxie (which replaced Quinn’s Superba theatre); Clune’s Broadway (aka [...]

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Sunday at the Theater – Million Dollar Theater Edition

Jan 24, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Los Angeles used to have a thriving theater area located in downtown known as the Broadway Corridor. It consists of twelve theaters, each with their own distinct architecture, history, and character.
They all played a major [...]

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James Cameron’s Avatar brings the SEXY back to Hollywood

Jan 21, 2010 by Douglas McBride

This is it ladies and gentleman. Here’s our very own Avatar spectacular review. So cue the bullhorn–Twice. You’ll get our review of the film, and the latest on the film’s reported links to depression, and [...]

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TV Nominees Slug It Out For Golden Globes

Jan 17, 2010 by Douglas McBride

The Hollywood Foreign Press might not see TV the same way you do.  They might not think about TV in exactly the same way that the folks who vote for the Emmys do either, but [...]

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Can you Predict the Golden Globes’ Film Winners?

Jan 16, 2010

If you aren’t clued in yet, the 67th Annual Golden Globes will be announced tomorrow, this Sunday, Jan 17th 2010 (live telecast on NBC at 5 PM PST and 8 PM EST).  This year’s [...]

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Heat – Ten Years later, a DVD Review

Jan 03, 2010

This movie, considered a masterpiece by many, perhaps is. At this point in my review, I’m not sure I agree; but what I’m sure of, is that the two main protagonists in the movie have [...]

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The Informers

Dec 07, 2009

In this screen adaptation of the novel of the same name, Brett Easton Ellis brings us a tale of decadent Los Angeles, circa 1983, where everyone was young, rich, and choosing their paths–which typically were [...]

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The History of a Theater, and the of creation of a Cinemiracle

Dec 05, 2009

Located in East Hollywood and built in 1924 by brick manufactures, Henry C. Jensen & Sons, the Jansen Melrose Theater was supposed to be “a better class” neighborhood movie theater.
The Melrose Theater had a 2 [...]

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Los Angeles as both Protagonist and Theme for the Movies

Nov 30, 2009

Los Angeles is the “Industry Town’ for all things movie and film related. Past TV series based out of LA include The Rockford Files, Police Woman and Quincy ME– to the present, including the incredibly [...]

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Martyrs integrates the shared experience of Torturer and Victim

Nov 09, 2009

This French Movie, directed by Pascal Laugier, and starring actors Catherine Begin, Robert Toupin, Morjana Alaoui, and Mylene Jampanoi, is one of those movies that forever affects your way of looking at the world. The [...]

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We Live in Public the Rise and Fall of an Internet Guru

Oct 01, 2009

Before there was facebook, My Space, Twitter, You Tube, instant messaging, the Blackberry, and the rise of the social media phenomena of websites, gadgets, apps, and so on–there was a child-genius-cum-Internet-millionaire and guru named Josh [...]

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A film review of Inglourious Basterds and the “Killin Nazis business”

Aug 22, 2009

And the “Killin Nazis” business in this movie is good.
Overlooking some basic details including that the movie’s plot has no historical or other basis in fact, or that no organized Jewish Nazi hit squad [...]

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A Film Review of Gomorrah

Aug 13, 2009

Gomorrah, the recent film released from Italy, is based on the book of the same name by Roberto Saviano. It offers an inside look at the Camorra, a mafia-cum-syndicate-cum-criminal organization, which originated, and still operates [...]

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An Interview with Urs Baur, founder of The Topanga Film Festival

Jul 30, 2009

The Topanga Film Festival also known as (“TFF”), is an open-air, boutique, local film festival. It receives entries from around the world, and showcases a broad range of short films ranging from documentaries, animation, drama/comedy [...]

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