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Mapping Santa Monica’s Designated Landmarks

Oct 28, 2010 by Lisa Newton

In case you didn’t already realize, I’m a big lover of maps. When I was young, my father used to get out a big atlas and start quizzing me and my siblings on various important [...]

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The Balboa Bay Club’s History and Mystery for the OC

Oct 25, 2010 by Sandy Schroeder

You can’t miss it–especially as you head down Pacific Coast Highway, winding your way through Newport.
The Balboa Bay Club is a legend from the past and, to this day, is still a current day [...]

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3 New Additions to the Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments List

Oct 22, 2010 by Lisa Newton

The Office of Historical Resources has announced its newest additions to its Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments list.
We first chronicled this back in April 2010, when 11 additional buildings were added.
The City of Los Angeles Cultural [...]

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Los Angeles Free Friday

Oct 22, 2010 by Lisa Newton

I know, I know, many of you are repeating the phrase “Rain, rain, go away” and from the looks of it, the rain might still be here until tomorrow.
But, even if it does come, [...]

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Downtown’s Triforium – an Amazing Public Art Sculpture

Oct 20, 2010

After my first glance at it, I was stunned by both its beauty and creativity. To be frank, it was far larger than I expected; and much more colorful, too.
The Triforium is a 6-story, [...]

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Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour – Part 2

Oct 18, 2010

Venice has become California’s new Riviera–with its eclectic shopping, dining establishments, fine beaches, beautiful people, and something always going on–the city never sleeps.
Last week we shared with you a small portion of our upcoming Venice [...]

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Mapping Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments

Oct 17, 2010

Unbeknown to most here who reside in Los Angeles– we now have over 900 official Historic-Cultural Monuments throughout our fair city.
Enacted in 1962, the City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Ordinance, now makes possible [...]

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Mark your Calendars: The Great California ShakeOut is Coming (again)!

Oct 14, 2010

Are you ready for the Big One? As you hopefully recall, not too long ago, Travelin’ Local reported on this important event previously.
When I first moved to Los Angeles, several of my family and friends [...]

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It’s not about Bike Lanes on Wilber Avenue

Oct 13, 2010

After reading about the new bike lanes on Wilber Avenue, in Northridge, the message it sends could not be clearer:
It is not about bikes, bike lanes, or even cars.
It’s about safety!
I may not be a [...]

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The Los Angeles Holocaust Museum

Oct 12, 2010

In 1961,when a group of people at an English class were instructed to compare a minimum of notes, that fact indeed, later became the start of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMH).
They [...]

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Pasadena ARTWeekend is here

Oct 08, 2010

In this morning’s Free Friday, I briefly touched upon Pasadena’s ARTWeekend, but with so many activities taking place there, I wanted to shine a larger light for this important stand alone article.
The Pasadena ARTWeekend [...]

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Los Angeles Free Friday

Oct 08, 2010

To be sure, many in Southern California hate, absolutely loathe the rain. I don’t know about you, but I love the rain, the sound, the smell, and the greenness it creates after it’s [...]

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The Venice (Canals included) Walking Tour – Part 1

Oct 06, 2010

Venice is a city full of wonder–physically by structure, naturally because its proximity to the splendorous beaches of the Pacific Ocean, its fresh air and sunny skies, and its cultural mix of its people.
From the [...]

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CicLAvia = No Cars and Social Integration

Oct 04, 2010

What is CicLAvia?
It’s Los Angeles’ first “open-street” celebration day. On Sunday, October 10th, 2010, 7 ½ miles of streets, from Boyle Heights to East Hollywood, will be closed to motorized traffic, meaning car-free, from 10:00am [...]

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