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The Broadway Theatre Corridor Transforms for a Day

Mar 28, 2010 by Lisa Newton

I thought I perfectly planned to my final two articles featuring the Broadway Theatre Corridor for today.
However reality got in my way!
While I was downtown yesterday to finish taking my photographs, I suddenly discovered [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre- Rialto Edition

Mar 21, 2010 by Lisa Newton

While covering the Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre series, its depressing seeing these historic buildings go to waste. More accurately, they’re literally wasting away.

Because Los Angeles’ history with film and Theatre is intertwined with who [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre the Orpheum Edition

Mar 14, 2010 by Lisa Newton

The Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre with its fanciful Beaux Arts façade, first opened on February 15, 1926 at a cost of $2 million dollars. Over the years, the Orpheum Theatre has played host to an [...]

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The Aria Resort & Casino CityCenter’s Crown Jewel

Mar 07, 2010 by Lisa Newton

If Vegas is representative about anything, it’s about taking care of the customer with luxury, style, and panache.
For the owners, management, and staff there, it’s a daily occurrence at such illustrious and luxurious hotels including [...]

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A History of Beauty, Intrigue, and Murder at the Greystone Mansion

Feb 22, 2010

People who visit LA often want to know where the best places of city are. For some, they wish to find a place to mellow out and relax. For others, they actively want to know [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre – The State Theatre Edition

Feb 20, 2010

Built in 1921, The State Theatre was formally part of the Loews Theatre group. Founded by Marcus Loew in 1904, the chain was the largest movie theatre group until 2006. To provide films for his [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre – The Tower Theatre Edition

Feb 13, 2010

Opening on October 12, 1927, the Tower Theatre was the first downtown theatre to be wired for sound.
Using a French inspired theme in the interior, architect S. Charles Lee combined Spanish, Moorish, and Romanesque [...]

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Sunday at the Theater – Palace Theatre Addition

Feb 06, 2010

As the oldest remaining Orpheum theatre in the US, the Palace Theatre, located at 630 S. Broadway Ave. in downtown Los Angeles, was built in 1911.

Genesis of the Orpheum Theaters
The Orpheum Circuit was a [...]

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Sunday Afternoon at the Roxie Theatre

Jan 30, 2010

Imagine if you were alive circa 1932. Chances are you would have spent Sunday Afternoons at either of these theaters, located south of 5th, on Broadway:
The Roxie (which replaced Quinn’s Superba theatre); Clune’s Broadway (aka [...]

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Sunday at the Theater – Million Dollar Theater Edition

Jan 24, 2010

Los Angeles used to have a thriving theater area located in downtown known as the Broadway Corridor. It consists of twelve theaters, each with their own distinct architecture, history, and character.
They all played a major [...]

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Andrew Carnegie’s towering legacy thrives at 3 Los Angeles Libraries

Jan 05, 2010

Growing up in the small town of Clyde, Ohio, I spent hours and hours at its local library, pictured below courtesy of silvergirl. I remember the smell of the books, looking in the old Dewey [...]

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The History of a Theater, and the of creation of a Cinemiracle

Dec 05, 2009

Located in East Hollywood and built in 1924 by brick manufactures, Henry C. Jensen & Sons, the Jansen Melrose Theater was supposed to be “a better class” neighborhood movie theater.
The Melrose Theater had a 2 [...]

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Graffiti means Business in Santa Monica

Dec 04, 2009

At the corner of Cloverfield and Broadway Street in Santa Monica, there’s a unique “office” building, where the company, Rock Paper Scissors, calls home. Some think that the 4 sided graffiti laden building is “vacant.” [...]

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The Monrovia Santa Fe Train Station

Nov 24, 2009

On Monday, Travelin’ Local covered the new Gold Line Foothill Extension, which included both the groundbreaking and sign unveiling ceremony. It actually took place at a very interesting, and historically significant location—at the old Santa [...]

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