Can you ride a boat down the LA River?

May 20, 2010 by Lisa Newton

The Los Angeles River isn’t what people often think of when they think of a river. When I first moved here, my opinion of the LA River was that it was some kind of joke.

Growing up in Ohio, and living over 20+ years on the East Coast, where a “river” means a large waterway, a place to ride a boat in, a place to sit back, relax, watch the water go by, and swim in if you want.

But, when you look at the LA River, the idea of boating in it doesn’t seem possible at all.

For Pete Sake’s, I mean, look at it:

Does this look like a “traditional” river?

But, actually it is. The “official” definition of a river, as defined by the Clean Water Act, which is the primary federal law in the United States governing water pollution, is all waters with a "significant nexus" to "navigable waters." So in order for the LA River to qualify for water pollution protection, it must be navigable, but is it?

In 2008, a group of hardly individuals set out to finally prove once and for all, the Los Angeles River can be traversed by boat. But, even more, the LA River is home to birds, fish, and plants. You can even fish there, with the proper license of course.

Pure and simple, the LA River is indeed a river—albeit much more different than any other river one would think of.

Below is a clip from the movie entitled, Rock The Boat, which documents the entire 52 mile LA River Expedition, kayaking down the LA River:

If you’d like to see the nearly-completed documentary, it will be shown at the Los Angeles Eco-Village at 117 Bimini Place in LA, Friday, on May 21st, from 7:30pm – 10:00pm.

A suggested donation (it will help to fund the crew that’s completing the film), of $20 is requested – but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Once there, it will be an evening of fun to meet and hear the real stories from the expedition’s organizer, George Wolfe, the film’s director, Thea Mercouffer, and expedition participant, LA Creek Freak blogger, Joe Linton.

Who knows, in a couple decades or less, perhaps we can do something exceptional and turn the LA River into something uniquely LA, that will put other rivers to shame.

Meanwhile, it’s an important part of our city, our history, and our future.

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