Tomorrow is California Library Snapshot Day

Oct 03, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Growing up, the local library was an invaluable resource–and they still are.

Indeed, as my kids were growing up, I took them to the library at least twice a month to choose books to read, attend various library activities, and occasionally purchase a used book or two.

Obviously, with both our national and state budget crises, your local library’s hours and other services may have been cut. To be sure, living here, our Los Angeles and California budgetary issues are inter-mixed, so we’re basically out of the loop as to being in a position to assist with this issue.

But, the smaller budget hasn’t stopped the libraries from doing everything in their power to keep all of their services in place–the inventory of new and older books on their shelves, the amount and frequency of both children and adult activities which they host, Internet access, their frequent book sales, and all of the various initiatives that they sponsor for their respective communities (which, if you haven’t been to one lately, you’re in for a surprise!).

On Monday, October 4th, most local libraries are hosting California Library Snapshot Day, a day to create a compelling picture of library services in California.

The California Library Association (CLA) will use the data to advocate with legislators at the state and local level, and to demonstrate the value and importance of libraries to California’s citizens. We will also package the data so that you can use them in local advocacy efforts.

The correlation between reading and knowledge are axiomatic and incontrovertible–I live close to a Westside LA branch that has CD’s, DVD’s, Internet services, and much more.

My oldest daughter lives within walking distance of a local library and can be frequently found there. and in my case, my second daughter took her love of reading and writing–obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in English, and is currently studying for a PhD in Women’s Studies. I”m sure that all of you have positive memories and experiences–both current and older–of time that you and others have spent at various libraries.

Although you probably will never know how the public library will affect you or your children, if you have any, frequenting your local California Library is a habit that’s certainly better than a lot of others.

Not surprisingly, the CLA wants you in the picture. So, if you haven’t been to your local library recently, October 4th, will be a great day to get back in the groove.

And if your library happens to be closed on Monday, they may be celebrating California Library Snapshot Day on a different day during the week. Be sure to check your local library’s website.

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