Brewley’s Pint Irish Pub in Pacific Beach

Mar 23, 2010 by Lindsay Pullin

Brewley's Pint

I’m still learning my way around the laid back city of beautiful San Diego.

During my recent stay in Pacific Beach–where I had an incredible view of Mission Bay–I didn’t know what my plans were, what places I was going to, or even what I was going to do.

Little did I know that I would find a place that was new to town also; an Irish pub that opened its doors the same day I drove down.

Talk about the luck of the Irish!

On Saturday night my friends and I down one of PB’s main streets, Garnet, the other being Grand, and headed west toward the ocean.

Our mission was simple–to find a place to kick back and have a brew, and have some good conversation. We literally stumbled upon Brewley’s Pint. After seeing the different throngs at other local hangouts–we wanted no drama to have good karma–so it seemed totally natural to pick Brewley’s Pint because of its cool vibe, the mellow people that were outside, and what was inside.

There were enough places that were charging cover that it seemed their long lines were because they were giving out free beer inside.  So that was a no-go for us needless to say.

After we parked, we walked along Garnet but noticed that most places were too crowded , while others were just not what we had in mind.

But there’s always something comforting about familiarity, and for me that familiarity was an Irish pub, aptly named, Brewley’s Pint, on 1261 Garnet Ave.

I'll drink to that!

The pub was comfortable, not overly crowded, and I found a place for two at the bar quickly. The Pub is shaded in a hues of dark mahogany, has one giant barroom, and has sports on the tube (10 HD widescreens), The patrons were cool–some college students (and marines) hanging around.

I ordered a beer on tap, 22 ounces for $7.25.  They offered a variety of Irish beers that are less recognizable than Guinness on tapl (offering 16 taps in all). Our bartender, Jess, was quick and super attentive, and brought the beers quickly.  We paid cash, but they also take plastic.   

After arriving, having imbibed a beer or two, and a few questions later, I found out Brewley’s Pint has been a long time in the planning, but a short time in the opening.

The Bar

So what differentiates Brewley’s Pint from the other establishments on Garnet? First, it’s the only Irish pub in the area, and it’s definitely a pub, no booths, just bar stools and standing space.  Walking down the street, each bar had a different feeling, and each person had a different ideal of "The Bar" for the night. 

Brewley’s Pint, relatively unknown and just starting their tenure on Garnet, seemed like a good place to get a drink, as you could have a conversation with your friends, without being overpowered by a reveler’s karaoke. (Yeah, you hate them too?)

There wasn’t a crowd out the door, but this might have more to do with the fact that they just opened, and still have time to build local recognition. There’s no cover charge at Brewley’s Pint and they have super quick bar service–every time my beer started to get a little light, someone was asking if I needed a refresher.   (“But of course,” I replied!)

I spoke with their manager Declan Roche, a genuine Irishman who has lived in San Diego for 4 years; he seemed excited and ready to navigate the lure and competition lurking for Brewley’s Pint in Pacific Beach.

You might recognize the space as being the former Tropicoso, a Brazilian themed bar which used to be known for its dancing and reggae.

Now the bar has since gone green, Irish that is, and is preparing to develop a reputation for live music, a local hang out to have a relaxing pint, and a monthly St. Patrick’s Day celebration on the 17th of every month.

If you find yourself visiting Pacific Beach, give Brewley’s Pint a visit and be sure to tell them that you read about them on Travelin’ Local!

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