Big Dim Sum in Little Saigon

Jun 30, 2010 by Lindsay Pullin

Little Saigon in Westminster is named due to the high concentration of Vietnamese immigrants and Vietnamese-Americans, who live in the area. It also has some of the best food you’ll find anywhere– Vietnamese, Chinese-Vietnamese, as well as Thai, Cambodian, Laotian, and many other cuisines if you know what you’re looking for.

Because I live so close to Little Saigon, I’m able to get whatever food I want pretty much whenever I want it. For example, this past weekend I had a hankering for dim sum and there was no shortage of options to choose from. Luckily I knew exactly where I wanted to eat, at Seafood Cove #2, a reliably tasty restaurant that offers dim sum in the morning.

Most likely, you’ve heard of or know what dim sum is. It’s widely popular and affordable all over the LA and Orange County areas, so forgive this brief definition if you’re already savvy.

Dim sum, or yum cha as it’s sometimes known, consists of sitting at a table while servers push carts of food around.  When you see something particularly yummy, you can order–or point—at the dish, which can be a plate of food, or small individual portions.  This food is intended to be shared with your party, but I say intended because if you’re fast enough with your chopsticks you can eat a whole plate before anyone even notices when it arrives. To be expected, it’s served with hot, refreshing tea. 

When my craving for steamed barbecue pork buns (Banh Bao Sa Siu) gets out of control, I often times head over to the aforementioned Seafood Cove #2 (or as it used to be called “Dragon Phoenix") on Bolsa Street in Westminster. They open at 8:30 every day, but I usually come in sometime between 10 and noon on a Sunday.  They don’t take reservations, so I know I’ll have to wait, but usually if the party is less than 8 people, the wait isn’t bad at all—this past Sunday, it took approximately 20 minutes to get a table for four, right next to the window.

There is constant foot traffic in Seafood Cove, so I keep to my seat to avoid collision with carts full of rice noodles, chicken feet and boba drinks.  The cool thing about dim sum is the action comes to you, and Seafood Cove is certainly quick about getting their food to your table (they get an A + in service from me, it was like all I had to do was think of something and it materialized in front of me).  They bring you the food, and you decide what you want, and then they stamp your card to total your bill.

Speaking of the bill, it’s certainly a pleasant surprise when I’ve eaten my fill and then some and the bill doesn’t reflect it at all.

A downside about the restaurant is that their parking sucks. Knowing that ahead of time doesn’t make it easier.  But a little patience goes a long way here.  And if you really can’t find a spot, park across the street at the Asian Garden Mall (their website proclaims that they’re “the largest majority Vietnamese owned and operated mall in America"), which is a great place to walk off the meal you’ve just eaten. If you have the time, check out the local neighborhood for bakeries, sandwich places, grocery stores, and tons of other unique shops that aren’t food related.

Here are my recommendations for weathered vets of dim sum and newcomers alike at Seafood Cove #2–try something new every time, keep an open mind, and definitely don’t forget dessert. I always like getting an iced coffee on my way out to soothe my taste buds during my drive home. 

Seafood Cove

9211 Bolsa Avenue Westminster, CA 92683-5568
(714) 893-3682

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  1. Sean Belk says:

    Nice story, I love Little Saigon, it’s so filled with history and treasure. I got to check this place out, I love Vietnamese food too, the people there are so friendly and cultured. Nice photos by the way…


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