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A Film Review of A Crime – a Movie about Violence, Obsession, and a Fall Guy

Jan 07, 2011 by Tom Jones

A Crime, staring Harvey Keitel as Roger Culkin, Emmanuelle Béart as Alice Parker, and Norman Reedus as the character, Vincent Harris, deals with matters of the heart and head in which the characters are all [...]

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Burn Notice: A Unique Television Series full of Humor, Intrigue and Unrequited Love

Dec 23, 2010 by Tom Jones

Now entering its 5th and 6th seasons, Burn Notice is an indulgent and fun hour of entertainment. The premise of the show centers on “Burned” spy, Michael Westen, as played by Jeffrey Donovan.
The term “Burned” [...]

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Sing-a-Long Saturday: Los Lobos – Straight out of East Los Angeles

Dec 18, 2010 by Tom Jones

Although Los Angeles has had its fair share of musical bands and musicians originating and playing here, there’s always been a dearth of Mexican Rock’n’Roll bands that made it into mainstream Rock & Roll culture [...]

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2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards Announced

Dec 16, 2010 by Tom Jones

Tis that time of season, besides Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year that most of the Film Industry’s best known institutions nominate their choices for different 2010 Movie and Television awards.
Along with the other [...]

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California Receives Unexpected Windfall to Build High Speed Rail Projects

Dec 14, 2010

Although Wisconsin obtained commitments of approximately 800 million dollars for High Speed Rail projects, and an additional 400 million dollars from the Federal Stimulus package–a total of 1.2 billion dollars was pledged to Wisconsin.
Unbelievably, Governor-elect [...]

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AMC’s “The Walking Dead” – an Apocalyptic Series about Zombie Dead Walkers

Nov 28, 2010

Not much of a fan of the zombie movie and storytelling genre, I was a bit skeptical if and why this particular AMC new series might hold my attention.
Well, after watching several episodes, I’m a [...]

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New LA Football Stadium next to Staples Center Expected for the 50th Superbowl

Nov 14, 2010

Casey Wasserman and Tim Leiweke are investigating the possibility of building a stadium behind Staples Center, where the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.
It is suggested as a fitting place to stage large [...]

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Travelin’ Local’s Sing-a-Long Saturday – Sublime – an earthquake Straight out of Long Beach

Nov 06, 2010

Apparently out of nowhere, in 1996, the band Sublime came out with a massive and ferocious hit song “What I Got.”
Although the band was formed years earlier, their impact could not have been more thunderous [...]

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New Fall TV Shows – 2010

Sep 22, 2010

Yes it’s that time once more, where we become utterly confused trying to juggle our busy schedules, our favorite current television shows, and know which show is still being shown on it its regular day—or [...]

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game – Using Metro Buses to Watch the LA Dodgers

Sep 15, 2010

Everybody knows that we’re Laker crazy here in LA.. But the Los Angeles Dodgers are also near and dear to our hearts.
Although this year they’re next to last place in Major League Baseball’s National Western [...]

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Umberto D – a Criterion Classic about Economic Woes, Societal Pathology, and Unconditional Love

Sep 08, 2010

At the time of Umberto D’s release, not only was it a commercial failure overseas, it was also savagely attacked in Italy, by its then postwar Italian government of the time, as evidenced from the [...]

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Let’s Bring NFL Football back to Los Angeles!

Aug 23, 2010

As the success of LA Live, the Third Street Promenade, Pasadena’s Old Town, the Downtown renaissance including Disney Hall, the MOCA and associated new housing, and restaurants close-by; the return of business, commerce, shopping, lodging, [...]

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The Internet Case Study Book – A guide to Implementing successful Internet business strategies

Jul 06, 2010

TASCHEN publishing scores an A+ with its sophisticated explanation of how different types of organizations have implemented various Internet plans and technologies that were successful in achieving, for all intents and purposes, their various [...]

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Upstate – an Independent Movie about Identity, Love, Loss, and Time

Jun 25, 2010

A recent movie featured for the narrative competition category at this year’s Film Independent Narrative competition is the Independently produced movie, aptly named Upstate.
As the name implies, the movie’s location takes place in upstate New [...]

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