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Pasadena’s Concorso Ferrari Auto Show

May 24, 2010 by Carbon McCoy

Unless you live at the far end of the desert, traffic is a woeful inevitability in California.
Whether it’s rush hour, a pot hole that has grown big enough to swallow a Buick, or some [...]

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Mid-Life Cycle

Apr 10, 2010 by Carbon McCoy

What’s up, Los Angeles? Having a good time? I am. And I’ll tell you why. I lost my job. Okay, okay, that’s not why I’ve been having a good time. In fact, I’ve been unemployed [...]

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Leveling the Playing Field – for a David of a price, you get a Goliath of a Sports Car

Jan 23, 2010 by Carbon McCoy

So you want a Ferrari? Welcome to the club. But you can’t afford a Ferrari. I’m in that club, too. So what to do? These days, there are so many choices – from so many [...]

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