Architecture as Art

Feb 26, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Culver City, a small city within the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, has successfully initiated a program that is designed to give architects a place to show off their innovative and creative work. It’s called Architecture as Art, and features varied and illustrious architects, such as Eric Owen Moss, Tom Farrage, Laddie John Dill, and James Heimann.

All of these pictures were taken within a few block radius; most centering on the Conjunctive Points– which is an industrial/office area located between National Boulevard and Jefferson Street. I was amazed and intrigued at the varied designs:

This is known as the Beehive, built in 1998. Besides the basic structure itself, I found the mounds of grass in its foreground to create additional texture and depth to the structure, substantially adding to the architect’s creativity.

This structure is known as the Umbrella, due to its resemblance to an upside down umbrella. It features a balcony from which the surrounding area can be viewed. Umbrella received the Los Angeles Business Council’s Design Award in 2000 and the AIA/LA Design Honor Award in 1999.

This is the Tennis Channel’s building. I love the combination of glass, metal, brick, and terra cotta creating a multi-dimensional and textured exterior.

Untitled, built in 1997, was the first of Eric Owen Moss’ designs to be approved by Culver City under the “Architecture as Art” program. With the incorporation of older, existing building components, Moss created a new concept by using its original elements.

Located at the Willows Community School, this type of artwork is mounted on several of the various building façade’s, which are on the school’s campus. I love the quilt feel of it.

I don’t know what the end result for this construction will be, but if it’s like anything close to the other buildings—and I’m pretty sure that it will be–I’ll definitely be returning to shoot and document its end result.

Do you have any unusual construction projects in your neighborhoods? How about underground houses, houses with grass roofs, or an office building with an artistic slat?

It’s amazing what little—or big–treasures can be found while Travelin’ Local.

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13 Responses to “Architecture as Art”

  1. Carla says:

    I love modern artistic architecture. I cant wait to revisit SoCA (live in the Bay Area) and to some of theses amazing structures.

    Carla’s last blog post..Eco Fashion: What is it?


  2. LisaNewton says:

    @Carla While you’re in town, if you have time, shoot me an email and I’d love to do lunch………….:) lisajnewton at gmail dot com.


  3. Mike Foster says:

    That architecture is amazing, and all close to each other to make a day of visiting. I love traveling and discovering new things in new places; this is a cool site, Lisa, gracias!


    Mike Foster’s last blog post..Watch a Video, Drop a Comment!


  4. LisaNewton says:

    @Mike Foster Thanks, Mike, and you’re welcome to stop by for a visit anytime……….:)

    @Sheila I’m discovering all the wonders about Culver City. It’s a great place.


  5. Todd Smith says:

    It’s quite amazing! reminds me of some of things architects do with design: I saw a picture of one building that looked like it had been dropped from space. It was neo-classical design, but it was upside down on it’s roof and the pillars and walls had visible cracks!

    Todd Smith’s last blog post..Check Out This Amazing Spa In Ecuador…


  6. Lisa's Chaos says:

    What a great area of some awesome architecture! I think my favorite is the beehive, but it will be interesting to see how the other one ends up.

    Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..On The Magic Bus


  7. LisaNewton says:

    @Todd Wow, that’s a little different. In the DC burbs, there’s a building that’s an upside down triangle, with the building’s bottom being the point of the triangle. It’s a little different, too.

    @Lisa Chaos I totally agree with the other one. I love watching new building going up and seeing the final product. Many times it’s not what you think…………….:)


  8. Diane C. says:

    Oh, I love that Architecture as Art program! My favorites are the school with quilt-like facade and the Beehive. I agree that the grass adds to the Beehive design. If you hide the grass in the picture with your hand, the building looks too harsh or cold. Fascinating post!

    Diane C.’s last blog post..Blackett’s Ridge Trail: Workers


  9. LisaNewton says:

    @Diane C. Thank you. I look forward to going back to see the changes.


  10. Culver City Downtown Walking Tour | Travelin' Local says:

    [...] With its modern and restored architecture, world class restaurants and redeveloped buildings for mixed use, physical beauty and parks, Culver City is now lookin’ like one of the cool and in places to be in Los Angeles. [...]

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