An Exercise Walk at Barnsdall Art Park

Sep 02, 2009 by Lisa Newton

If you’re not familiar with my virtual walking maps and the walk area covered, they’re located here on the Walk My World side button. They reflect the actual 2-3 mile walk that I’ve taken complete with pictures, sights to see, shops to visit, or a great restaurant along the way.

Grand Ikebana I

Today’s walk in Barnsdall Art Park is a bit different in only one aspect–it’s an exercise walk. The walk itself is a little under ½ a mile, but after 30 minutes, along with having a good workout, you’ll be able to enjoy Barnsdall Park’s unprecedented Public Art, views of Los Angeles, and a sense of tranquility unlike any other location in a city the size of Los Angeles.

Including its 160 steps, and a gentle incline and upslope of its grassy and hilly ups and downs, the Barnsdall Art Park Walk will get your heart pumping while you’re nestled, literally, above the city.

Here’s a couple of the sights you’ll enjoy on your Exercise Walk at Barnsdall Art Park:

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2 Responses to “An Exercise Walk at Barnsdall Art Park”

  1. David says:

    Barnsdall Park is one of Los Angeles’ iconic and cultural landmarks.

    Great map of your walk, and the photos are great. It’s an oasis in the middle of the city.


  2. Air Climber says:

    Exercising has tremendous benefits for your heart and overall health. Alot of people have trouble finding the time in their day to exercise. The way I do it is to set a dedicated time each day and stick to it.


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