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A Westwood Village Walking Tour

Nov 10, 2010 by Lisa Newton

For all UCLA students, when your parents come to visit you at school do you need to know where to take them and what to show them that’s around campus?

Or how about showing off some history about and surrounding the University? If you’re planning to have a lazy Sunday when you want to get out and go somewhere but don’t know what to do here’s an idea:

How about a Travelin’ Local Walking Tour of Westwood Village?

Westwood Village is an area of Los Angeles with a long history–but built on modern day concepts. A planned city, it was decided to locate UCLA in Westwood Village in 1926, as the site for the latest UCLA campus.

Brothers Harold and Edwin Janss along their father, Peter, subsequently put together a distinctive plan for a commercial village.

Opening in 1929, the Village had 34 businesses–10 years later, there were over 450.

Westwood Village’s popularity continued until the late 1980s, but when gangs began cruising the streets and harassing pedestrians, until finally, in January 1988, 27-year-old Karen Toshima, a bystander celebrating a job promotion, was killed in a gang shootout.

Wanamaker, a historian who is writing a book about Westwood Village, said,

That was it. Nobody showed up the next weekend. It was a ghost town.

Today, Westwood Village still hasn’t reached back to its heyday years; but they’re working on it.

Chains including Ralphs, Whole Foods, two first run theaters, and lots of unique and boutique smaller shops continue to provide Westwood Village its charm. And with it plethora of interesting and tasty restaurants, there’s always something to do–day and and night–in this quaint corner of Los Angeles.

Spanning just over 3 miles, Travelin’ Local’s Westwood Village Walking Tour, will take you on a tour to a cemetery, historical significant buildings, tons of public art, and much much more fun places to “hang-out.”

With a total of 51 pocket pages, this Walking Tour brings Westwood Village to life–and for only $6.99, you can rest assured that you’ll know exactly how to treat yourself and your parents to a great afternoon of history, architecture, and places of interest that you’ll be able to describe to them as if you lived on the UCLA campus your entire life.

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