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A Serene and Beautiful Park 15 minutes away from Disneyland

Aug 18, 2010 by Timothy Ajioka

Anaheim is a beautiful Orange County city rich with culture and landscape. Known primarily for Disneyland, the home of the (I hate to say it properly) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Honda Center, and tourism, there are spots very opposite of the busy downtown district.

Visiting tourists might be amazed that in one city, visitors can go to Disneyland, explore Downtown Disney, indulge in all the shopping, and not even know that less than fifteen minutes away is a spacious public outdoor getaway on 175 acres of lush land.

Travel just a few exits down the 57 North away from downtown Anaheim and you’re there. Since August is National Park Month, and I recently had my daughter’s tenth birthday party here for the second year in a row, I feel compelled to bring the readers of Travelin’ Local a summary of this beautiful Orange County outdoor getaway.

Exit off the 57 and Imperial Hwy., take a quick right turn onto La Palma, and the big Anaheim business buildings will start to disappear, crowded strip malls will turn to pine trees, and after a few miles, you’re driving along side Yorba Regional Park in Anaheim. The park stretches about two miles down La Palma with a view of the park’s four lakes that are connected by streams. The streams are used for fishing and sailing model boats.

The park is adjacent to the Santa Ana river and sits at the mouth of Santa Ana Canyon with beautiful views everywhere. The entire area is bordered by all types of sycamores, eucalyptus, and Canary Island Pines, which are trees not usually seen in the city.

For birthday parties or for family gatherings in general, Yorba Regional Park is a parent’s dream. There’’s a small entrance fee, but every parking lot is close to any of the locations meant for families to barbecue all around the lake.

/>No more dragging heavy Igloo Ice Chests filled with heavy drinks across a baseball field and then arriving to find your family crowded into one area of the park with two different families right next to yours and one barbecue.

My family has been frequenting this park for years and only on rare occasions has it been overcrowded.

Each picnic area is equipped with a clean barbecue, lunch tables, garbage cans, and reasonably adjacent restrooms. Our sight was within view of the lake, the playground, the main road, our parking lot, as well as the bike trails surrounding the park, so its easy to keep track of the kids. The convenience as well as the privacy on an average afternoon for a birthday party was fantastic!

All of the kids and teenagers enjoyed renting two-seater bikes with carriages and rode them around the lake while the adults played tag football in the park. They also enjoyed playing at one of the many playgrounds which are all equipped with a recycled play surface with no bark or sand. To top it off, the day was a very comfortable 80 degrees thanks to out almost perfect Southern California summer weather.

Fisherman are also a common sight around Yorba Regional.

The lake is stocked regularly with Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, and Bluegill. Local joggers, bikers, and horseback riders can also be seen running around the many nature and equestrian trails wrapping around the park.

Once again, another Orange County park where your getaway will not be ruined by the sight of a 7-11 or a high rise business building.

If the sight of Mickey Mouse at every turn, Starbucks signs, and the sounds of the city get too much for you, travelers and locals now have a new outdoor getaway to visit. Yorba Regional Park is definitely one of the best parks in North Orange County for kids, adults, and got any type of gathering.

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