A Day for Talking Bikes

Mar 09, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Are you into bicycling? Do you like a casual ride on the weekends? How about commuting to work via a bike? Maybe you want to live a car-free life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the LA Bike Summit was the place to be on this recent Saturday.

I discovered this event at the last minute, went–and it didn’t disappoint. It started first thing in the morning, with an introduction from four knowledgeable, experienced, and interesting keynote speakers:

  • Noah Budnick – Transportation Alternatives, New York City

  • Dhyana Quintanar Solares – Coordinator for the Bicycle Mobility Strategy, Mexico City

  • Bernardo Baranda Sepúlveda – Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, Mexico

  • Eleanor Blue – BikePortland.org, Portland, Oregon

  • Throughout the conference, you could choose to attend at least three panel discussions– among many offered–for a particular time during the day—mid morning, after lunch and afternoon. Along with a free lunch, the day was filled with bike conversation. I attended these:

    · Women and Bikes

    · Lose up to Two tons in One Day: The Amazing Car-Lite Diet

    · Bike Blogs and More: Electronic Communications Panel

    Some Interesting Facts

    Did you know that on average, we spend $8000 per year on our family’s transportation? In today’s society of two-car families, the second largest household expense is our cars.

    Here in Los Angeles, 60% of all of our daily trips are less than 5 miles, and nationwide, 40% of our daily journeys are less than 2 miles. I don’t know about you, but I’m able to bike 2 miles pretty easily. If you live in Wisconsin like Lisa, biking with 2 feet of snow on the ground isn’t an option, but in the warmer months, it can be.

    How can I go to the grocery store, get all of my food, and fit it on a bike? Surprisingly, there are ways to do that.

    I met some amazing people, and a few people I already knew through their writing on their blogs. It was the first time I had ever met any of the bloggers I follow in person. In fact, I was sitting in on the panel discussion about blogs and bikes, and I mentioned a blog I’d read about where there was an altercation that between a biker and a car driver. Guess what? That blogger was sitting across table from me in the audience. I was amazed. Putting a face to the words just makes the words all that more special.

    The LA Bike Summit was totally free: No admission charge. The event was held on the campus of Los Angeles Trade Technical College, so there was free parking across the street. (Actually, many of the participants in this event rode their bikes, which I will do next time.) Lunch consisted of a vegan meal full of fresh vegetables–and an eggplant sandwich (which was very good), with a small desert–was also free. And if all of that free stuff wasn’t enough, I also received a free T-shirt. Frankly I haven’t had a less expensive day full of education, talking, and learning in a long time.

    If you’re interested in biking in Los Angeles, here are a few resource links you should check out.

  • LA Streetsblog

  • Midnight Ridazz

  • Bikex Database

  • green LA girl

  • BikingInLA

  • C.I.C.L.E.

  • Bicycle Kitchen

  • LADOT Bicycle Services

  • Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

  • bikeboom

  • Green Bike Program, Pitzer College

  • BikeSage

  • City Lites

  • Safe Routes to School Partnership

  • [Ed.Note]If you should or want to be on Travelin’ Local’s LA Biking resource list, all you need to do is send your link or information via the Contact Page.

    And if you’re not biking in the Los Angeles area, I’m sure there are many local groups in your neighborhood that can help. Until I started looking, I had no idea what resources were available here.

    So, are you going to take your bike out for a ride this week?

    Travelin’ Local by bike is lean, green, and makes you feel like a power machine..………..:)

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    Go Green, Metro, SoCal

    17 Responses to “A Day for Talking Bikes”

    1. Will Campbell says:

      It was great meeting you there at the Bike Summit Lisa! I appreciate your visits to my blog and have done what’s long-overdue in adding you to my blogroll. I’ll be a much more frequent visitor here now!

      Will Campbell’s last blog post..Bikes, Bikes & More Bikes


    2. LisaNewton says:

      @ Will Campbell It was great to meet my online friends offline. It was a pleasure. I’m also updating my blogroll to include LA Bikers……………..:)


    3. Frank Levangie says:

      What a great article !!!

      Who-of-thought the baker babe would be a terrific blogger !!! LOL


    4. Frank Levangie says:

      I have a new name 4 Newton……. baker-blogger-biker Babe….LOL


    5. Tess The Bold Life says:

      I don’t bike I run. However you’re right about the short distances we travel regularly. I could begin biking to these places.

      I’ve already decided when my 10 year old VW Bug gives out I will not purchase another car. Don’t need it!

      Tess The Bold Life’s last blog post..


    6. LisaNewton says:

      @ Frank Oh, Frank, I love my new name……………..:)

      @ Tess I also walk, especially when the library, bank, grocery store, and post office are within a mile of my house. Great idea about the car. I hope you blog about being car-free………….:)


    7. Streetsblog » Today’s Headlines says:

      [...] Bike Summit Was Awesome (BikinginLA, LA Loyalist, Travelin’ Local, Brayj Against the [...]

    8. Lance says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I love my bike – and when weather permits (that snow thing here…) – I ride regularly to work (spring through fall). It’s great exercise, great for the environment, and great for me to get out on the bike paths and let the quiet in…

      So, I happen to agree with you – this sounds like an awesome event!!

      And that you met a real, live blogger – how cool is that!

      Lance’s last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day


    9. LisaNewton says:

      @ Lance Riding to work really gets the day started off right. I know when I do it, I feel more ready for the day. Do you feel like that?


    10. Lisa's Chaos says:

      What a neat gathering you went to! And you are right on, in the summer months I bike but like you said, hard with the snow, however I can still walk. :) Did you know that we have about 30 miles of bike trails in our town? It goes in a huge circle and you can get pretty much anywhere quickly.

      Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..Starfish Macro Monday


    11. LisaNewton says:

      @ Lisa I love what some smaller towns are doing with bike trails. One of the issues here is the sheer size of the city, with over 6,400 miles of surface streets, only 481 miles have bike lanes. But, work continues via efforts like this event.


    12. Matthew says:

      My wife and I spent last semester bicycling to and from both school and work. It was 3 miles each way, and we generally got there faster in by bike than we would have in the car. We managed to make a tank of gas last a month, two months in a row! Let me tell you, that was exciting!
      Once we upgrade from our mountain bikes to road bikes, we’ll notice a world of difference and be able to use our bikes even more frequently.

      This semester, studying abroad in Ireland, we have been forced to take public transportation or walk everywhere. It is so convenient to have everything located nearby so that we can walk to it. It has also been quite an eye-opener about how often we would jump into the car for very short drives. We’ll do much better once we return home!

      Matthew’s last blog post..The Chocolate Follow-Up


    13. Lance says:

      Riding to work is a great way to start the day. In fact, the best part for me is that in the morning the bike path is pretty quiet – and it ends up being a really good opportunity for me to clear my head. And then – when I get to work, I’m focused and ready to start the day! Thanks for asking, Lisa!

      Lance’s last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day


    14. LisaNewton says:

      @ Lance I totally agree. I feel more focused when I ride to work.


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