5 Minutes on the Santa Monica Pier

Jul 26, 2010 by Lisa Newton

In our fast paced world and way of life here in Los Angeles, have you ever stood in one location and just looked around?

When I’m out on a shoot, I have very specific sites, scenes, and locations in mind.

But, A couple of days ago, I was standing on the Santa Monica Pier, and on this day, I just stood in one spot for a few minutes to absorb all of my surroundings:


The people

The actions

The smells (Well, you won’t be able to get a hint of that from the shots below.)

The sounds (See above)

And just the feeling in the air

Here are the results of my total immersion in the Santa Monica Pier environment; and in less than 5 minutes:

You’ll be surprised what you’ll see when you stop, look, and listen.

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One Response to “5 Minutes on the Santa Monica Pier”

  1. O. Bisogno Scotti says:

    I watched Selena shoot a music video on the Santa Monica Pier. She seemed like a really nice kid. What a shame.

    On the upside, I’ve seen some good summer concerts there too.


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