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27 Greenest Restaurants in Los Angeles

Dec 07, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Keeping the environment clean is on everyone’s mind these days. Recycling has become second nature, reusing has always been a good idea, and of course, doing things that are good for the environment should be high on everyone’s list. I know I’ve been taking steps to lessen my own green footprint.

In my search to get more green, using less chemicals, eating more organic, and keep doing my best to achieve this, I recently stumbled upon a website whose name says it all: Greenopia

Based on the mission of helping “people lead healthier lives in an increasingly toxic world,” Greenopia is a local guide to green living.

They’ve reviewed hundreds of restaurants in the LA area, and then rated them based on their “greenness.”

Here’s their criterion for ranking restaurants on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the highest:

  • the percentage of produce purchased that is either certified organic and/or locally grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • the percentage of poultry and eggs that are certified organic and free-range/cage-free, and/or locally raised and free-range/cage-free without the use of hormones and/or antibiotics
  • the percentage of dairy products and grains that are certified organic; farm-raised, and, if farm-raised, the composition of its diet
  • the percentage of meat (or meat substitutes such as soy) that is certified organic and/or grass fed and produced without the use of hormones and antibiotics
  • the percentage of certified organic coffee, tea, juice, alcohol, and other nondairy beverages

In order to make their top rankings, the meals and services provided must meet at least 90% of the above criteria.

27 area restaurants scored the highest ranking, and here’s the list:

  1. Akasha
  2. Ammo
  3. Axe
  4. Blue Hen
  5. Craft
  6. Cru
  7. Elf Café
  8. Euphoria Loves Rawvolution
  9. Flore Vegan Cuisine
  10. Follow Your Heart Market & Café
  11. Inn of the Seventh Ray
  12. Interim Café
  13. Josie
  14. Leaf Cuisine
  15. Let’s be Frank
  16. M Café de Chaya
  17. Madeleine Bistro
  18. Mixt Greens
  19. Native Foods
  20. O!burger
  21. Pizza Fusion
  22. Planet Raw
  23. Real Food Daily
  24. Shojin
  25. The Spot
  26. Urth Caffé
  27. Wilshire

The cuisine of each restaurant varies, as well as the cost, so if you’d like to know more about each location, just click the link.

To assist you to find a restaurant listed above I mapped them below to help you more easily find which ones you want to patronize:

View 27 Greenest Restaurants in Los Angeles in a larger map

Now, let’s eat our meals while being green concsious!

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