The 25 Best Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles

Jul 24, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month?

Designated by Ronald Reagan in 1984, National Ice Cream Month celebrates ice cream as a fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by a full 90% of the nation’s population.

Did you know that on average, Americans consume about 15 quarts of ice cream per person per year?

Here’s a few other interesting tidbits about ice cream, all provided via the National Dairy Food Association:

  • It takes an average of 50 licks to finish one scoop of ice cream.
  • Overall sales of ice cream and sherbet for 2008 totaled $4.2 billion, an increase of .48%
  • The first ice cream cone was made by Italo Marchiony in New York City.
  • Immigrants on Ellis Island were served Ice Cream as part of their first meal in America
  • World Record for Largest Ice Cream Scoop Pyramid is held by Carvel. It was made up of 3,894 scoops in 2002.
  • Mexico imports more ice cream from the U.S. than any other country.
  • The first advertisement for ice cream appeared in the New York Gazette on May 12, 1777.
  • Based on ice cream consumption figures, the top five individual flavors in terms of share of segment in the United States are: vanilla: 28.7%, chocolate: 10.4%, cookie n’ cream: 4.4%, strawberry: 3.9% and chocolate chip mint: 3.3%.

But, how would you like to try flavors like dirty mint chip, peanut butter, cheesecake chunk, and lychee? If you’re game, or even if you’re a “normal” vanilla eater, you’ll find 23 of the best ice cream parlors located in Los Angeles County on the map below–incouded are a few frozen yogurt shops as well.

Even though Los Angeles is warm all year round, summer just isn’t the same without a chilly tasty bowl of ice cream, or maybe even a big waffle cone.

I know the title of this article says 25 “Best Ice Scream Stores,” and above I mention 23. Not on the map, but included in the list are two ice cream trucks, each with their own unique menu. Of course, you can find out where they’ll be at any given moment via their website or twitter account.

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck
King Kone

So when and if you’re looking for a cool treat this weekend, but don’t know where to go, just click the green icon for the name, address, and website on the map to find your favorite ice cream joint:

View Top 25 places for Ice Cream in Los Angeles in a larger map

As always don’t eat your bowl of ice cream too fast, as you don’t want to get brain freeze!

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